Episode 3: You’ve “Made It”

This week, in between saying “uh” several times, Writer Jason Guigno and Entrepreneur Corey Jeffreys interview Author & Business Man, Mike York. The discussion covers Mike’s experience in training, recruiting, and the inspiration for his book, which was written to help people find “the job that loves them”.  Corey discusses “self ownership” and self publishing. Mike shares several #Yorkisms like:

“Don’t build your fort while you’re under attack, build it before”

“Stop talking about closing deals, start talking about helping people”

“You can’t get ready to get ready”

More information regarding Eric Hoffer and “The True Believer”

Link to Mikes Book, Reset

Link to Corey’s Book “Make Money with No Money Down” 

As always, TriangleCast is recorded using Open Source software, including Ubuntu Linux and Audacity, onsite at the #RTPFrontier.

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