Episode 8: “Humanize Your Brand”

In this episode, Writer Jason Guigno and the spirit of Entrepreneur Corey Jeffreys speak with Hank Hoffmeier. Hank is an all around great guy, mentor to entrepreneurs, and currently the Strategic Insights Manager for the e-mail marketing company, iContact. The discussion spans Hanks background, the work he does for iContact, and the work he does… Continue reading Episode 8: “Humanize Your Brand”

Episode 7 “What Brings You In Today”?

In this episode of TriangleCast, Writer Jason Guigno and Entrepreneur Corey Jeffreys discuss sales. You will recall that we discussed turning a hobby into a business last episode, and this one we discuss the sales process, hiring a sales person, prospecting, closing, and more. Jason's rules include: The Three P's of Sales: Product dictates the… Continue reading Episode 7 “What Brings You In Today”?

Episode 6 “Going Legit, Help Me”

In this final episode of 2016, Writer Jason Guigno and Entrepreneur Corey Jeffreys discuss the details of turning a hobby into a profitable business. The example they use is a photography business, primarily so Jason can earn points with his wife. Corey uses the steps from his "Help Me Consulting" offering (available here), and provides… Continue reading Episode 6 “Going Legit, Help Me”