Episode 11: Bend, Break, Finesse

On this episode of TriangleCast, Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffries interview Real Estate Consultant and Entrepreneur Kene Onuorah. Kene left the traditional 9-5 behind to work in real estate as a well as a his lifestyle & apparel brand The Whyl. In his spare time, he wants to speak to help others like Darryl Bellamy Jr. During the interview, the ultra talented Will Wildfire is mentioned, you can listen to him here.

As mentioned, here is the Fiverr campaign if you want to advertise with TriangleCast. We also have links to The Four Hour Work Week and Tools of The Titans that Kene mentions during the interview.

Jason also mentions his new favorite podcast, Side Hustle School, which was recommended by Hank Hoffmier from iContact.

Corey’s business is Castle Float & Kids Play, and his website is CoreyJeffreys.com

As always, TriangleCast broadcasts from the RTP Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We record using Ubuntu Linux and Audacity Software.

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