Episode 13: Listening to Customers (with Hank from iContact)

This is a special episode of TriangleCast where Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys interview iContacts Strategic Insights Manager, Hank Hoffmeier. iContact is in the middle of numerous changes based on their customers’ feedback. This inspired a discussion regarding companies that did and did not adjust based on their customers’ feedback. For instance on one side of the coin is Netflix, on the other is Blockbuster video.

Hank discusses changing his LLC to his own name to become his own brand and help people. We also discuss the amazing podcast Side Hustle School, what a B-Corp is, printing your own t-shirts, and the changes that iContact is implementing to help their customers do more.


Mrs. Hoffemeiers blog: The Wanderlust Dillema

Side Hustle School Podcast

iContact is deploying a fresh new look, drag and drop editor and more, this spring! Make sure you are following them here: https://www.icontact.com/

Another big Thank You to Hank and iContact for being so kind to invite us in to their office.

As always we record using Ubuntu Linux and Audacity Software, and highly recommend both!



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