3 Tips to Find Free Space to Work

On TriangleCast, we often speak about using whatever resources you can to start a business, or bootstrapping. Part of your strategy may involve finding some space to get work done that has the resources like wireless internet, desks, and (most importantly), coffee. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an RTP Frontier co-working space in their neighborhood.

Finding free space to work is not difficult, but finding a free quiet, professional space to work can be. Here are three tips to find the space you need:

  1. Try to find a free co-working space. Often these space are built around a tech or maker community, and they offer some quiet space to work around others. There are also more premium offerings like inexpensive office space, a mailing address, conference rooms and more. This can be as easy as googling “free co-working space” and your zip code.
  2. Look for pop-up co-working. Meetup.com and other sites will provide access to pop-up co-working, at different locations and times. This is usually sponsored by a venue that would enjoy more foot traffic, or a for-profit co-working space.
  3. Starbucks, McDonalds, the Library. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in an area that has safe, free co-working space. Less luxurious but still very workable alternatives are your local library, which may even allow you to use a conference room (if you need to, for instance, record a podcast like TriangleCast). If all else fails, your local fast food restaurant likely has a Wi-Fi signal that you can use for the price of a cup of coffee (delicious, life giving coffee).

If you enjoyed these tips, you will enjoy listening to the TriangleCast podcast that can be found on Apple Podcast, Google Play Podcast, and right here on the web. Listen, subscribe, review and share!

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