Episode 19: Some Podcasts Statistics Y’all

Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys discuss the statistics behind podcasts on this episode of TriangleCast, including how many people are listening in 2017 and some of the trends in the industry. A lot of the best information is pulled from the wonderful folks at Convince and Convert. One of the books we discussed are Blue… Continue reading Episode 19: Some Podcasts Statistics Y’all

Episode 18: The RTP Frontier Interview

The wonderful Anna Rhyne, Program Manager for the Research Triangle Park Frontier, joins Jason and Corey for a discussion about the Frontier. Longtime listeners will know that nearly every episode of TriangleCast is recorded at the amazing RTP Frontier. We learn about how the Frontier is able to provide free coworking and conference room space,… Continue reading Episode 18: The RTP Frontier Interview

Episode 17: What Have We Learned?

Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys speak about the best tips and tricks they've learned over the past 16 episodes as well as their upcoming e-book, and Corey's dreams of hosting a podcast about marriage, all by himself. Jason is old (school), and Corey may be convinced to wear burgundy pants. We discuss lessons learned such… Continue reading Episode 17: What Have We Learned?

Episode 16: You Can Do Squats While Brushing Your Teeth!?

Marcey Rader joins Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys on TriangleCast this week to talk about how productivity, fitness, and success are all related.  She shares some tips on being an entrepreneur, having more fun, litterbox pullups, and how Jason may be a "fabulous disaster". Special thanks to Kade Kimber from Oak City Gifts for introducing… Continue reading Episode 16: You Can Do Squats While Brushing Your Teeth!?

Episode 15: “Do What You Do Best, Delegate the Rest”

This week on TriangleCast, Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys interview the wonderful Mompreneur, Lori Bruhns, of Lori Bruhns LLC. Lori works with entrepreneurs and organizations to help them generate more revenue and become more organized. Entrepreneurship became a necessity for Lori after the birth of twin boys nearly 10 years ago. Her story is incredibly… Continue reading Episode 15: “Do What You Do Best, Delegate the Rest”

3 Ways to Make Quick Cash

When I was young, I sold bubble gum on the school bus. So I can never relate to the statement of "I can't make any money". It's a simple equation, buy low and sell high. Offer a service or product and get paid. This is especially true for me. I remember times at my cousin's… Continue reading 3 Ways to Make Quick Cash