Episode 17: What Have We Learned?

Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys speak about the best tips and tricks they’ve learned over the past 16 episodes as well as their upcoming e-book, and Corey’s dreams of hosting a podcast about marriage, all by himself. Jason is old (school), and Corey may be convinced to wear burgundy pants.

We discuss lessons learned such as:

You can’t get ready to get ready: Mike York in Episode #3

Theres always room for a new take on an existing business model, and it’s good to start mobile and remain flexible: Jared Plummer in Episode #5

Finesse, and you can always use a traditional job to support your entrepreneurship: Kene Onuorah on Episode #11

Delegate the things you don’t enjoy or excel at: Lori Bruhns in Episode 15

You have more time then you think to put in effort, and talk doesn’t cook rice:  Marcey Rader in Episode 16

Also, as mentioned you should check out Prescription for Flavor! New episodes come out every Thursday on Soundcloud, Itunes, Podbean, and you can check them out at PFFPODCAST.com

Jennifer (a PhD in Natural Medicine) and Adam (a professional Chef) talk about everything trending in food and health. From Aphrodisiacs to Zika virus.
Together they taste crazy foods (like insects) and review new and unique health foods!
Lots of great information with a lot of laughs along the way, they are the only Food/Health podcast with a sense of humor!

As always, TriangleCast broadcasts from the RTP Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We record using Ubuntu Linux and Audacity Software.

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