Episode 22: Give Them What They Want, Not What They Need (Hank and Lori Part 2)

This is part 2 part interview with Hank Hoffmeier from the amazing e-mail marketing company, iContact and  the wonderful Lori Bruhns from Lori Bruhns LLC. Both were kind enough to provide insights on creating our book, marketing, and more!

On this half of the interview we discuss how a small business can differentiate themselves using their mobile phone and a few apps, a five star gas station in Saxapahaw North Carolina, and how most 26 year olds have not seen many 80s movies. Of course we also discuss e-mail marketing, marketing automation and more!

Hank and Lori have collaborated on a webinar that is all about the essentials of productivity for small business owners, available through iContact, which you can check out here!
Other subjects and lists: The Middle Finger Project can be found here. 

Lori Bruhns 30 Minute Jump Start can be found here! 

Hank Hoffmeier’s business marketing tips can be found in podcast form here or on his site! 

This episode is of TriangleCast is brought to you by the 4 Hour Work Week, a game changer for entrepreneurs and office workers alike. If you’re thinking of buying the book, support TriangleCast by using this affiliate link: http://amzn.to/2lrNlIJ 

Thank you iContact for allowing us to use your wonderful office to record this episode of TriangleCast. We record using Ubuntu Linux and Audacity Software.

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