Episode 37: Melissa Kennedy, Founder of 48 Innovate

This week on TriangleCast, we have the pleasure of speaking with K.Melissa Kennedy, the Founder of 48 Innovate. We discuss finding innovation and “intrapreneurs” within your organization, why agile innovation is important, and discover that Jason has some repressed baggage related to working for large companies. Shortly after, we invent the Blockchain of Management. And this is only part 1 of the interview! You’re welcome.

Tune in next week when we discuss how and why Melissa left the 9-5 to start her own company! A little more on 48 Innovate:

48 Innovate is a vehicle to inject executable innovation into big business while fostering a culture of intraprenuership. We bring together Cross-functional teams and REAL data in a setting and process that delivers results. Applying a startup mentality and a way of operating to a big business environment in 48 hours or less.

As always, TriangleCast broadcasts from the RTP Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We record using Ubuntu Linux and Audacity Software.

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