TriangleHits: The Man Who Quit His Job to Sell Ice Cream

This is a remastered older episode, where we interview Jared Plumer, the founder of Two Roosters Ice Cream. A year after this original interview, Jared has opened up a physical Two Roosters location, and it is crushing all goals! We like to think TriangleCast has gotten better since then as well, and it is always fun to take a look at our history!

Here are some of the original show notes:

“This week on TriangleCast, the founder of Two Roosters Ice Cream, Jared Plummer stops by the RTP Frontier to talk about Ice Cream, following your dreams, entrepreneurship, and a very special 1965 Ford Pickup truck. Writer Jason Guigno and Corey Jeffreys ask Jared at least a dozen questions regarding how he is growing his business and what comes next.

Two Roosters is local to the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. You can follow their website, and follow them on twitter @Two_Roosters”

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