Episode 52: Sales 101 for Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs

On this Episode Jason lays out some sales basics. Many Entrepreneurs are natural Sales Pros, while others simply make a great product or are well liked. For the latter, it is important to do some traditional sales to take control of your sales pipeline. That is, unless you are so successful you simply don’t need to!

For the rest of us Jason lays out the following advice:

  • Build a Target List (Who will benefit from your product or service)
  • Research your target list to gather contact info (Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Manta)
  • Craft your value proposition, or “Why” someone will need you
  • Decide how and how often you will reach out to your prospects.
  • Practice what you will say to them once connect
  • Know how long your sales process lasts

Listen to the full episode here:

For more Sales episodes (including my favorite Episode 7, be sure to check here!

Want more sales content!? Be sure to check out TriangleCast.com/Offers for free trials to Kindle and Audacity, where you can read/listen to so, so many sales books.

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