Episode 53: Going B-to-B, The Corey Jeffreys Interview

Jason interviews TriangleCast Co-Founder Corey Jeffreys, author and owner of Castles Float. Corey is blending new Bt-o-B (Business to Business) marketing and and sales with traditional B-to-C (Business to Consumer). This episode will be helpful for any entrepreneur that’s considering more outbound sales, franchising their business, or expanding into different cities.

We talk about his new marketing plan, reading the book “Traction“, writing his new book, and some behind the scenes TriangleCast info! Be sure to check out part 2, coming out next week.

In the meanwhile, check out TriangleCast.com/Offers to sign up for 2 Free Books from Audible.com or get a free month of Kindle Unlimited, or the book that Corey and I wrote, “Bend, Break, Hack“.

TriangleCast is edited using Audacity.

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