Episode 56: “There is Something Next, There’s Another Big Idea” (Kris Kovacs from Constellation Part 2)

This is the second half of the amazing interview with the founder of Constellation Digital Partners, Kris Kovacs. Constellation is an organization funded by several credit unions, and provides an open development platform and marketplace for Credit Unions and Financial Technology Developers to build products and solutions that ultimately benefit Credit Union Customers! If you missed the first half, be sure to give it a listen here.

In the second half of the interview we discuss building a team, why accountants are good hires, the technology Constellation uses to run the business, like Constant Contact and Slack. Kris Mentions the Launch Developers Conference, which is already full. We also explore how a startup like Constellation is like a concept car.

If you like this episode and want to hear about another successful organization started by a CIO, check out our interview with Mike Townley from CREO, deep from the TriangleCast archives.

This episode of TriangleCast is brought to you by CraftBeautiful.com who helped me make some really fantastic t-shirts with a stunning new logo.

TriangleCast is recorded using Ubuntu Linux and edited in Audacity.

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